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Senate of the Republic of Poland
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Marek Borowski

Marek Borowski

  • Constituency No. 42
  • Borowski Voters' Election Committee
  • Terms: IX, VIII

Marshal of the Fourth Term Sejm, Deputy Marshal of the Second and Third Term Sejm

Born on 4th January 1946 in Warsaw.
In 1968 he received a Master’s degree in economy at the Central School of Planning and Statistics (currently Warsaw School of Economics).
Since 1968 until 1982 worked in a retail centre Domy Towarowe "Centrum" – advancing from the position of a shop assistant to that of director for economic affairs. Between 1982 and 1991 he was a department director at the Ministry of Internal Market, and subsequently a Vice-Minister at that ministry. In the years 1993–1994 he held the position of the deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. From 1995 to 1996 he was the head of Office of the Council of Ministers.
Member of Polish Know How Foundation for International Development Cooperation "Wiedzieć Jak", as well as a honorary member of Gutenberg Cavaliers Brotherhood (Bractwo Kawalerów Gutenberga) and the Rotary Club.
2006–2007 – deputy to Mazowieckie Provincial Parliament.
In the First Term Sejm he worked in the Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Committee and the Committee on the European Agreement. He was also a member of several subcommittees, e.g. the standing subcommittee on control and assessment of budget implementation, the special subcommittee on analysis of budgetary incomes in 1993 and the special subcommittee for approval of the "Programme for adjustment of Polish economy to the requirements of the European Agreement". During the Second Term Sejm he participated in the Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Committee, Ownership Transformation Committee, Constitutional Committee of the National Assembly as well as the subcommittee on the foundations of the political and socio-economic development and the subcommittee of legislative, executive and local government. In the Fourth Term Sejm he was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and in the Sixth Term Sejm – the Contacts with Poles Abroad Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Member of the Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland and the chairman of the political council of this party.
Married, has one child.


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